Sibiu was the European Capital of Culture in 2007, together with Luxemburg, being the first city in South-Eastern Europe to receive this title. Even before Romania adhered to the European Union, Sibiu was already being acknowledged as having a European character, from the point of view of its infrastructure, due to the fact that it is a cultural location and because of its European spirit.
Sibiu rejoiced in the last years of a significant acknowledgement of its beauty and touristic potential at an international level. Consequently, the prestigious Forbes magazine ranks Sibiu on the 8th place of the list containing "the most idyllic places to visit", in 2014 The Huffington Post included Sibiu in the list containing "The most charming cities in Europe you’ll want to visit", the city being mentioned in numerous articles of the most important newspapers in Europe and the US. Michelin awarded Sibiu a quotation of three stars (Green Guide Stars), the maximum quotation and the highest awarded to a city in Romania.





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