Located at 1448 m in a tranquil and almost untouched mountain area on the Nord-East side of Cindrel Mountains, Paltinis is the first mountain resort established in the Carpathians Mountains and the second highest mountain resort from Romania.
Paltinis is located just 30 km away from Sibiu, one of the most beautiful touristic and historic city in Romania, which was designated European Cultural Capital in 2007. Sibiu has an international airport and the road to Paltinis is modern and passes through incredible beautiful mountain scenery.
Paltinis is well known for the therapeutically effect due the strongly ozonized air, reason for which Paltinis was first established in 1894 as a medical treatment resort and two sanatoriums for treatment of lung diseases were built there.
Tourists can enjoy a wide range of mountain activities in Paltinis. The Mountains of Cindrel, with Iezerele Cindrelului natural reservation and with its famous glacier lakes, have many incredible beautiful and very well marked touristic trails, representing a real attraction for all hiking and biking lovers from all over the world. In the winter, visitors can enjoy skiing or snowboarding on Oncesti slope or on Arena Platos slopes.





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