Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is the largest city and the main political, administrative, economic, financial, banking, educational, scientific and cultural center of the country. Bucharest, a capital which was certified more than 500 years ago, is nowadays animated by a population of almost two million inhabitants.

Time has preserved the scent of the past and has embedded it in never-ending stories.

The Lipscani area is the oldest remaining part of Bucharest and is known as the “historical center”. This district was Bucharest’s most important commercial zone from the middle ages to late 20th century..

Today, the city is a mix of old and new, traditional and modern, in a neoclassical style that is showing originality and charm.

A small selection of things to see in Bucharest

The 44 synchronized fountains in Bucharest's Unirii Square - the fountains are accompanied by a spectacle on the weekends, from May to October. This night spectacle is called The Symphony of Water, and usually takes place after 8:30 pm (for more information check the schedule online). The splashing of the water is synchronized with music, leaving the spectators in awe. The duration of the program is 45 minutes,

The Palace of Parliament – also called the House of People, it has been built between 1984-1989 and covers 265.000 sqm interior surface, which makes it the biggest administrative construction in Europe and the world’s second biggest after the Pentagon building in Washington.

The Village Museum – one of the world’s most interesting ethnographical parks in open air, the museum was founded in 1936 by Dimitrie Gusti and gathers house holding samples from all regions of the country.

The Romanian Athaeneum – a concert hall in the center of Bucharest, Romania and a landmark of the Romanian capital city.

The “Cotroceni” Palace – built in 1893, after the plan of French architect Paul Gottereau and as the permanent residence of the heir Prince Ferdinand, the building is at the moment the residence of the President of Romania.

The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral – completed in 1658, it is the majestic centre of the Romanian Orthodox Church. The facade is in the Brâncovenesc style.

The Arch of Triumph – inaugurated on the 1st of December 1936, the 27 m high monument glorifies the bravery of the Romanian soldiers during the First World War, celebrating at the same time the 1918 Union of Romanian provinces.

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